We believe that technology development is a key enabler for the growth of our aerospace industry. As such establishing ARIC’s capabilities, in partnership with Khalifa University, is part of our strategy to create an R&D ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. The involvement of UAE national students in executing R&D projects at ARIC will create a pipeline of practical innovations that are relevant to industry needs.

Homaid Al Shemmari

Mubadala Investment Committee, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace & Engineering Services

As the only university in the UAE to offer a BSc in Aerospace Engineering, with programs available at the Masters and PhD level also, KU is dedicated to ensuring that our students have ample opportunities to explore the wide array of options that the aerospace field offers. In collaboration with our colleagues and partners at Mubadala Aerospace, we are creating a cutting edge lab on our campus where research can be nurtured, and collaborations with industry and academia can be actively conducted and fostered. The establishment of ARIC will increase our student’s interactions with world leaders in the industry and provide them with opportunities to work in this exciting field.

Prof. Tod Laursen

President of Khalifa University

Our partnership with Khalifa University is fundamental to creating a technologically competitive aerospace industry in Abu Dhabi. This R&D partnership will not only strengthen Strata’s global competitiveness but also introduce the next generation of innovative aerospace solutions for the industry

Badr S. Al-Olama

Chief Executive Officer, Strata


The ARIC research center aims to develop an international reputation for cutting-edge research in aerospace technologies. The initial focus of the research activity will be on developing efficient techniques for manufacturing advanced composite and developing novel procedures for the automated manufacturing and assembly of aerospace components.


To support the local aerospace industry in its drive to retain its competitiveness and develop solutions for future manufacturing challenges.

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  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla (Chairman)
  • Dr. Tod Laursen
  • Dr. Abdelqader Abusafieh
    Head of Technology, Strata PJSC
  • Mansoor Abdulaziz Al Haj
    Mubadala Development Company

We went to a composite facility associated with Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi and man, You talk about state of the art and it’s because of the work that they are doing with the US aeronautics industry.... they are really excited to be on the cutting edge of aeronautics research.

Dr.Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator