Senior Management Board

  • Dr. Abdel Qader Abusafieh Senior Vice President, Strata
  • Dr. Steve Griffiths Khalifa University


  • Prof. Wesley Cantwell Director of ARIC, Associate Dean for Research
  • Prof. Cesare Stefanini Director of ARIC, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Prof. Lakmal Seneviratne Director of KUCARS and Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Prof Jorge Dias Professor, KUCARS and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dr. Yahya Zweiri Associate Professor, KUCARS and Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr. Rehan Umer Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr. Sanjeev Rao Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr Kamran Ahmed Khan Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Research and Support Staff

  • Mr. Pradeep George Laboratory Engineer
  • Dr. Alia Aziz Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr. Naresh Kakur Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Mr. Dewald Swart Automotion Engineer-Strata Service Provider
  • Mr. George Kerwood Automotion Engineer-Strata Service Provider
  • Mr. Dave Mayes Research Engineer
  • Meena Samy Research Associate
  • David Thorne Research Engineer
  • Abdulla Ayyad Research Associate

Graduate Students

  • Mariam Al Dhaheri
  • Noora Alahmad
  • Rahul Venkatesan
  • Tayyab Khan